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Mentoring programme

To set up your mentor or mentee profile, or if you're already signed up to the programme, please visit the mentoring programme platform.

If you'd like to find out more about mentoring, including guidance for mentors and mentees, read on for further information.

Enabling colleagues to benefit from the vast experience and expertise of our senior leaders, via our mentoring programme, is a priority at University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB).

Mentoring is a great way to boost your career, either as a mentee working with a more experienced mentor to guide and support you through career challenges, or as a mentor using your skills and experience to help mentees while gaining new perspectives.

Our mentoring programme platform is designed to help you connect and get the best out of a mentoring relationship.

Mentoring is a serious commitment, so both mentor and mentee should be honest about their desire to pursue it. The platform provides a "Learn more" section which guides you through what is involved in the mentoring process so you can assess whether it is right for you before you make a commitment.

Last reviewed: 20 July 2021