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Your appraisal, your time to talk.

The Trust requires every member of staff to have an annual appraisal on a rolling twelve-month basis, with a review at least every six months, to check progress and discuss whether support is required.

The Trust's appraisal documents are frequently updated. Please make sure you're using the latest appraisal form and other documents by downloading the current versions.

How it works

Step 1

Appraising manager and appraisee plan appraisal, and appraisee completes appraisal form.

Step 2

Appraisal completed and actions agreed at appraisal meeting.

Step 3

Appraising manager reports completed appraisal via online portal. All appraisals must be reported.

Top tips for appraisals

  • Make sure your appraisals and one-to-one meetings are booked in the diary throughout the year to discuss progress. Your appraisal document is a useful discussion starter
  • Give feedback regularly. It helps everyone understand what is working well and what needs improvement
  • Make the majority of the conversation positive, reinforcing, and developmental. We can all learn by listening and involving each other in the discussion
  • Keep goals challenging but achievable

New starters

Appraisers should hold an objective setting meeting with new starters within six weeks of their start date. The appraisal form should be used as a basis for this.

Last reviewed: 20 June 2022