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Reporting an appraisal

This reporting tool is for Agenda for Change staff only. For any queries regarding medical staff appraisal dates, please contact the revalidation team:

Do not enter any dates for medical appraisals using this reporting tool.

You will be able to view updated appraisals on your easylearning record within 72 hours. For more information, please see the FAQs.

To report an appraisal, you will need to log in to the reporting web form. Use your Trust network login credentials to log in to this form. (If you usually add uhb\ before your username, you don't need to include this.) Please note, this link is only accessible when logged into the Trust network.

Appraisee details

The appraisee is the person having the appraisal.

Once logged in, you should see the Add Appraisal Update form. Please complete the employee number for the appraisee. (If the employee numbers is more than eight digits long, please enter only the first eight digits.)

Next, click the Find button, then wait for up to five seconds for the First Name and Surname fields to automatically populate.

If the appraisee's details do not load, you can enter these in the text fields.

Appraiser details

The appraiser is the person reporting the appraisal.

To enter the appraiser's details, please enter the appraiser's employee number, then click Find.

Date of appraisal

To add the date of the appraisal:

  • click on the date field
  • select the date from the calendar drop-down

When all fields are complete, click Submit.

When the submission is complete, you will see a confirmation message.

Last reviewed: 03 March 2023