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Reporting an appraisal FAQs

Is a user automatically logged out after a certain time?

Yes, you will logged out after 20 minutes.

How do I enter a number of appraisals?

Please click the Create Appraisal button on the navigation bar to add another appraisal.

How does the "Find" button work?

Once you have entered the appraisee’s employee number and selected an option for the site where the appraisee works, clicking Find will look up the staff member.

When found, the first and last names stored in the database will be added in to the fields on the form and the input will be locked so no changes can be made.

If details are loaded for the incorrect employee, please click Clear and check the details.

Can I enter the appraisal for a member of my team if I don’t know their assignment number?

No, you will need their assignment number (also known as the payroll number or employee number) to enter their appraisal. Please leave out the dashes when you enter the number.

You can find the number on their payslip or in ESR. Please note, this link will only work when signed in to the Trust IT network.

If you are unsure please email the appraisals inbox.

I can’t remember if I have already entered this appraisal. What will happen if I enter it again?

If you have already entered the appraisal, an error message will appear on submission, informing you that the appraisal has already been completed.

Who do I contact if I am having problems with the form?

For a general appraisal queries please email the appraisals inbox.

Last reviewed: 17 June 2021