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Guidance for mentees

Mentoring is like any other new relationship. It may take time to build trust, so don't think initial resistance is a sign of rejection. If, for some reason, a specific mentoring relationship does not work out, don't give up. Try again with a different individual and eventually you will find a good fit.

To get started on the mentoring programme, you will need to create a profile. It's recommended that you prepare sections 8 and 13 of your profile in in advance, as you will need to decide how best to complete these sections, within the maximum word count. A proforma is provided for you to download to help with this.

How to set up a mentee profile

In order to set up your profile as a mentee on the mentoring programme platform, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into the mentoring programme platform
  2. Click Get Started
  3. Select I want to be a Mentee
  4. Enter your name, work email address and chosen password
  5. Click Create Account
  6. We recommend that you watch the video titled Getting the most from mentoring before you complete your profile
  7. Click Create Profile
  8. Enter your profile details (we recommend that you prepare these in advance, using the mentee profile proforma Word document, available to download from this page)
  9. Click Your profile picture to upload a profile picture
  10. When you have entered all the required information, click Save Profile & Find Mentor


If you require any support using the mentoring programme platform, you can use the help option within the platform.

Last reviewed: 17 June 2021