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Local induction

All staff are required to undertake a local induction when joining a new team, ward, department or unit at University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB).

A local induction is important for all permanent, temporary and agency staff, to help them become familiar with their new environment and work safely.

A checklist is available to download in Word format, to be completed, printed and signed.

UHB+ staff will have been enrolled onto their UHB+ local induction programme on Moodle. Completing this is mandatory as this will help orientate staff to their UHB+ role.

If you have retired from the Trust, then returned, or if you've changed payroll numbers for any reason, please inform the Corporate Induction team, including your old and new payroll numbers so they can ensure your training records are merged.

Actions for managers

  • For staff who are new in post or changing role, please ensure you book in their six-week objective setting to be completed on the UHB appraisal form
  • Complete the online reporting tool, confirming the date the local induction was completed
  • Place a copy of the completed and signed checklist on the personal file and give a copy to the individual

The Training Administration team will record the date on your training record on easylearning.

Agency staff

Please complete an agency staff checklist with any agency staff reporting for a shift in a new area, and retain a copy within the department.

Last reviewed: 18 January 2023