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Corporate induction

All new staff must complete corporate induction.

We recognise the importance of all new staff starting their employment in a positive and supportive environment. The induction process is an opportunity to welcome staff and deliver core information about the Trust, their departments and their own roles. This helps to ensure a healthy and safe workplace.

If you have retired from the Trust, then returned, or if you've changed payroll numbers for any reason, please inform the Training Administration team, including your old and new payroll numbers so they can ensure your training records are merged.

Corporate induction is now completed online using Moodle and takes around seven and a half hours to complete. The aim is to introduce staff to the Trust's vision ("building healthier lives"), purpose and five core values:

  1. Collaborative: working in partnership with others to provide safe, appropriate care and improve outcomes
  2. Honest: being transparent in all that we do, communicating openly, inclusively and with integrity
  3. Accountable: taking personal and collective responsibility for the way we deliver care
  4. Innovative: being responsive, creative and flexible, always looking for ways to do things better
  5. Respectful: treating everyone with compassion, dignity and professionalism

The corporate induction package includes initial mandatory training, including:

  • fire training
  • infection prevention and control
  • information governance
  • equality and diversity

The induction process may be managed over a number of weeks with corporate induction being followed by a local/departmental induction with your line manager. Clinical staff will also need to complete clinical induction.


If you're a new member of staff, you will be allocated a date for corporate induction, and this will be included in your conditional offer letter.

Existing staff who have not attended corporate induction and new staff who were unable to attend the date offered will need to contact the Training Administration team to book a place on the next available date. It is a contractual obligation that induction must be completed within three months of beginning employment at the Trust.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding corporate induction, please get in touch.

Last reviewed: 16 September 2021