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Theatre support workers

New starters

The Clinical Education team provides induction for new starters that are tailor-made to the grades and experience of the staff. The team provides regular support for new starters and is able to work alongside them if needed to aid their learning.

We include new starters in both the theatres' and the Trust's clinical training and completion of clinical and theory-based competencies.

We provide support targeted at appropriate levels and appropriate competencies for our new starters, including:

  • care certificate work book for theatre support workers
  • preceptorship workbook for newly qualified nurses and operating department practitioners (ODPs)
  • medicines administration assessments for all newly qualified staff

Existing theatre staff

The team provides mandatory training sessions so staff are up to date with best current practice to ensure effective, excellent patient care. This training is vital for not only the patient but aids staff in maintaining their professional registration.

We hold quarterly governance days, where elective theatres stop for the day to ensure staff have time to meet with matrons and are updated on what is happening within the trust. These days also allow the majority of staff to receive out-of-theatre training where reps and the clinical education team provide training. These governance days help offering training and support for new devices or procedures, increase team moral and enable the team to provide support for career development.

We have provided training for existing staff who have been deployed outside their usual area of work to support the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are here for pastoral support to all staff and students that work in theatres.

Last reviewed: 30 June 2021