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University of Birmingham MBChB

University Hospitals Birmingham Foundation Trust (UHB) is the major teaching hospital trust in Birmingham. Its largest undergraduate contract is with the University of Birmingham’s (UoB) Medical School to provide clinical placement for year 3, 4 and 5 medical students.

UHB provides a wide range of teaching and assessment activities across all sites based upon UoB’s MBChB curriculum.

A clinical infrastructure is in place to support the learning and the medical students, including:

  • Head of Academy
  • Associate Head of Academy
  • Deputy heads who oversee one of the clinical years
  • senior academic tutors who provide guidance to the medical students

To support this, we have developed a management/administration structure to maintain the quality and delivery of teaching with offices and facilities based at each hospital site.

To support the teaching UHB employs 11 clinical teaching fellows across all sites.

When on placement, medical students will learn by different teaching methodologies, including:

  • formal teaching in seminar rooms
  • on the ward by undertaking ward rounds
  • attending operating theatres
  • undertaking simulation teaching on the latest remote-controlled dummies
  • taking histories/examinations of real patients
  • simulated clinical skills, such as catheterising patients

UHB also provides the year 3, 4 and 5 objective-structured clinical examinations or “OSCE” for UoB. These serve as the end-of-year exams. 

Undergraduate offices

Good Hope Hospital

Tina Ruston, Undergraduate Coordinator:

Heartlands Hospital

Jay Thompson, Undergraduate Manager:

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Alex Walton, Undergraduate Manager:

Solihull Hospital

Rachel McHale, Undergraduate Coordinator:

Last reviewed: 17 June 2021