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Medical devices

Medical Devices are an integral part of the diagnosis, treatment, support and care of patients. Professional users need to understand how the manufacturer intends the device/equipment to be used, and how it normally operates to be able to use it effectively and safely.

The Trust recognises the risks to patients, staff and others that may arise by the use of medical devices and that it has an obligation to minimise the risk of using medical devices by ensuring that staff are trained to competently and safely use equipment.

On an annual basis, all clinical staff must review their competence and educational requirements. 

Staff are required to self-declare their own competence on relevant equipment within their jurisdiction annually and medical device educational requirements need to be discussed annually in order to comply with CQC regulations:

  • All equipment is used in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and is only used for the intended purpose and for the intended service user(s)
  • Providers must ensure staff and relevant others are trained to use equipment appropriately

For further advice and support, please contact the Medical Device team.

Last reviewed: 03 March 2022