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Theatre nursing education for students

The theatre clinical education team provides placements within theatres for:

  • trainee operating department practitioners (ODPs)
  • ODP in-house apprenticeships
  • student nurses on their final management placement
  • trainee nursing associates
  • associate trainee theatre practitioners

We have numerous specialties over 31 theatres at Good Hope, Heartlands and Solihull hospitals, and 42 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

We provide mentors that have been trained in assessing students at different levels.

The theatre clinical education team provides weekly practical and theory teaching sessions.

Our theatre specialties include:

  • Breast surgery
  • Burns
  • Cardiac surgery
  • Ear, nose and throat
  • Emergency surgery
  • Eyes
  • Gastrointestinal surgery (upper and lower)
  • Interventional radiology
  • Hand surgery
  • Liver surgery
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Renal surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Spinal surgery
  • Trauma and orthopaedic
  • Urology

Last reviewed: 17 June 2021