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Work experience programmes

At University Hospitals Birmingham, we're exploring an exciting new range of work experience programmes.

Due to COVID-19, we're exploring virtual learning activities, so you can still immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an acute hospital.

Live virtual work experience programme for budding doctors

In October 2020, UHB held the first virtual, real-time, live, free work experience programme, aimed at school years 10 to 13.  The event attracted more than 3,900 students.

In collaboration with Medic Mentors and UHB Simulation Centre, this informative, immersive programme followed a patient’s journey and the role of the multidisciplinary team, with Q&A sessions with real doctors.

I am really loving it! Seems so realistic, as if I was there. Programme student

An amazing experience! Gives me a drive to work harder for a future in medicine. Programme student

I never thought it would be this informative. Thank you for this amazing opportunity! Programme student

Insight into the NHS programme

This is a three-day virtual work experience programme aimed at pupils from school years 10 to 13 who are interested in a career within the NHS.  Example contents include:

  • roles within nursing
  • role of a trainee nursing associate (TNA)
  • roles within healthcare science
  • role of a radiographer
  • role of a doctor
  • advice on how to complete a UCAS application
  • interview preparation

Places are limited on this programme. 

Insight into clinical practice

We are currently exploring a range of programmes aimed at school year 10 to 13 pupils who have an interest in specific clinical roles.

Further information

For further information on these programmes, please contact the Work Experience team.

Last reviewed: 30 June 2021