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Healthcare Leadership Model 360°

360° feedback is a developmental tool for managers and leaders. The purpose of 360° feedback is to provide feedback on the participant’s skills, attributes and other relevant characteristics and thus help to build a richer, more complete and accurate picture than would be obtained from a single source.

The 360° feedback questionnaire enables the collection of feedback from different sources. These sources typically include the participant completing a self-assessment in addition to people, known as raters, who know something about their work. Raters can include peers, direct reports and managers, or anyone else who is credible to the individual and familiar with the work they do.

On completion of the assessment questionnaire, your 360° report collects and evaluates perceptions of your leadership behaviour in the workplace. Ratings are based on your responses and the responses of your raters. The results give an indication of the current performance from which an accurate picture of your strengths and developmental areas can be built.

This information should be treated as confidential to you and your facilitator. You may wish to share the report with others, for example your team, but that is completely your choice.

Using the Healthcare Leadership Model 360° will assist mangers and leaders who work in healthcare to become better managers and leaders. The Healthcare Leadership Model 360° individual report costs £40+VAT.

To access the tool, please email the easylearning team.

For further information, please visit the NHS Leadership Academy website.

Last reviewed: 06 September 2022