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Benefits of apprenticeships

The apprenticeship programme has many benefits, for the apprentices, for managers, and for our Trust.

For apprentices new to the Trust

  • Work experience in a real healthcare environment
  • Chance to earn a nationally recognised qualification
  • Important insight into NHS practices and procedures
  • Learning to use bespoke software systems created and developed in-house
  • Ongoing support and development throughout your apprenticeship
  • A professional reference to use in the future
  • Building confidence in the workplace
  • A wider range of career opportunities within the NHS

For existing staff members who join the programme

  • Improved knowledge, skills and behaviours
  • A clear career progression route
  • No cost
  • On-the-job training
  • Remote training delivery
  • Personal development

For managers and teams

  • A well-qualified and highly skilled workforce that meets the needs of the service
  • More satisfied staff, with increased competence and quality
  • Greater staff retention through increased engagement, motivation and recognition of skills
  • Career progression and promotion opportunities
  • Encouraging new and local talent at all levels into our workforce

Last reviewed: 17 June 2021